joi, 8 octombrie 2015

Tale for Neneko

In all my trips I are careful to look at piles of rubble to find gems in the shape of heart, as we found before.
Today I passed beside just such a mountain of stone river and among them, one drew my attention through color. 
My heart stood still as I thought I found a dragon egg. With great care I gave the stones hopes to be whole but to my disappointment it was just a piece of bark. 
  I turned a curious because I had never seen inside a dragon egg. All books and manuscripts showed just outside the shell. 
 I was pleased with that. From what I read I knew that if you own a dragon egg big heads magical powers and I wanted this so I can pass the barriers worlds and get to see The Queen of Worlds but with a piece of bark I could not meet only a dream. I collected shell in my hand and I took it to heart right, I closed my eyes and I thought from another girl that I wanted to see. Dizziness seized me, as when crossing barriers worlds but passed very quickly that meant that I had come. Slowly open my eyes I saw right next to me. 
He watched curiously as they appeared beside her and not knowing who I was but after I reminded him of the letter for her to worry. We started walking down the alleys of the park discussed in English. He knew little of the language, just like me, but it was enough so we can communicate. Reading the letter, he understood the meaning did not know how to react so she would rather not answer. Out of curiosity she visited page, read some of the stories but it was hard to understand the cultural . difference is huge. The fairy tale I wrote not found its place in her world. Suddenly it started raining and we had to take cover under a tree. Though an old tree with a crown impressive longer oozing all water droplets on the leaves her thin hair and dress. I removed the raincoat I had in the bag and I put them gasping and hood over his head. I looked at her and I said amused: - Now you look like Blue Riding Hood! He left his head in one hand, how often do have any confusion, blinked several times in her big eyes and remembered the story of Red Riding Hood and told me smiling: - No no ! Vampires are kings and this is my cloak! Run through the rain splash hot summer cape just like a cloak and cried :
- I am Vampire Queen ,,,,I am Vampire Queen! He stopped at one point, stood so motionless for a while, just watching me and then started running toward me : - Look! I am the vampire queen and can even fly! Since his escape by throwing myself floating through the air with blue cape waving around her. I held out hands to catch her but her speed was too high so we felt the blow in the chest which caused me to hit the tree trunk .......
When I returned, I was in the same place where the dragon had found eggshell with his hand to his chest. I opened slightly fist and saw that it was filled with a sort of greenish-gray sand. Perhaps the dream that consumed the magical power of the shell disintegrated through a small explosion that shook my whole body.
by Tonko Alexandru

sâmbătă, 6 iunie 2015