luni, 18 august 2014

Window with sweets

        Since childhood I liked sweets now at a venerable age, I was still addicted to them. You can not pass in front of a candy store and not stop at the window, I approach so much that sticks to the glass nose just like a child's appetite.
Eyed look every cake in hand and I imagine the taste, flavor and fragrance ingredients. I sit for a while so admired and dreaming, then I stick my hand in my pocket and remove my wallet.
I sighed open even though I know I make enough money but just to check. Only a miracle could fill and how nothing miraculous does not stick to me see the same amount to the last coin. I resign and stick my nose to the window again and continued to watch. Time passes careless and I have to go.
Me away from the window about 10 steps all the sweets and suddenly the thought flashed me an idea. I get money from a cake but maybe have enough for some candy.
I hurried back to the window and stick my nose in the right portion of the window where you are exposed to dozens of varieties of candy, they look colors, aroma and taste dream and again sigh when filling out my wallet to do the math.
When they are poor and greedy, I would by one of each, but such a mosaic than even the price of a cake. I resign and leave for the second time. Better not take any candy than to omit any sort.
And do not get to go too far the other idea is emerging. Maybe I can take a small cup of ice cream.
Ran back to the window and stick my nose where I placed the refrigerator beside large metal vats overflowing with ice cream of all kinds. My eyes run from one container to another and they start to feel going cold cream and flavor of each kind
When i take out my wallet to recalculate notice that inside the store i”m followed by dozens of eyes. Perhaps i give a funny show with my indecisiveness and excessive appetite. I am ashamed and go before the window before I took as a beggar.
I like to get some candy or pity cake would be beneath my dignity. I still feel able to gain money to buy my candy dreams.
In my trips I hope that I will meet many windows with sweets and maybe one of them will find the perfect combination to get my money and then I will come and I will take victory worthy sweets desired. I'll sit at a table and I enjoy every bit of cake in the sight of those who laughed at me.
Aaaah! Excuse me! I hope you understand that windows are sites, money and sweets are my stories ..... and sweets are you , girls that I admire!

by Tonko Alexander