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Moon Goddess

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……..She took with her on a beam of blue light , and rode up to a house hidden in a dense forest . I entered the only room that formed the house was modest , seemed left but not too often used . I remained motionless by the door but Moon Goddess began to walk around the room as if checking something

In later after seeing that all was well explained :
- Here is my refuge, where I hide when I want to get rid of the position of Goddess , the duties , the courtiers and servants of my
palace . I come here and dream about being a normal girl . I dream I'm in love and I wait for my lover , this is the house where we live , our children will be born here and be happy as a family .
- It is a beautiful and peaceful! I said whatever
with a shrug .
I was near of a Goddess and that it does not impress me , I visited countless worlds , so nothing could surprise me . I just wanted to learn what she promised .
- Looks weird in your clothes ! Please dress with kimono on the corner of the bed !
I reluctantly complied . I believe it is a fad to them or if they were coming , do not go too far out . When I was ready , she took went in front of a mirror and she arranged the folds of the kimono that was my ignorance on how I dress .

Then he headed in a corner of the room where there was a stove and a tea service .
- I'm thirsty ! Make me some tea !
- Goddess ! I do not know the tea ceremony and do not want to offend you with my ignorance !
- I went down to your room , we traveled together , I helped to dress and we're alone here , do you think I will not mind that ? I just want to drink tea with you , no matter what you do .
I sat on the stool in front of stove and began to arrange the wood into the firebox . I took a piece of tinder and flint and after several attempts I managed to pull a few sparks that fell on tinder thus obtaining a
piece of embers . I put the coals on a piece of paper and gently blow I managed to make a flame appear that I put it in the wood stacked . I put water in a clay pot and put the bowl on the stove . Remains only to wait for the water to boil  
Goddess always stood behind me holding a hand on my shoulder . When he saw that thread started out steam from water gave me a lacquered wooden box .
- Inside is wood of
the Tree of Wisdom ! Put a piece as a grain of rice and pour boiling water over it . I'm tired , I'm going to lie in bed .
I have not returned any moment nor I said anything , it was not necessary , I could hear the rustle of silk on her every move .
When given hot water , I took a wooden tray and put her two cups . Probably in bed watching me closely to everything I did .
- Put one cup ! We passed the first kiss so that we can drink from the same bowl !
I complied and put the cup back on the shelf . I opened the box and immediately spread a wonderful fragrance in the room . I hardly found a piece of wood of the right size and put it gently on the bottom and when hot water touched wood it is completely dissolved in water colored with yellow gold .
I approached the bed and knelt , holding out the tray .

He took the cup with delicate movements and brought it to she lips as if kissing the liquid and then put back the bowl .
- I've had enough ! You can drink all the tea !
I drank and I sips , unable to take my eyes from the Goddess .
Heat by the tea and looked me wrapped in a dizzying whirlwind making me dizzy like the hottest drink .
- Can you lie next to me if you're sleeping ! I will watch you and I will guides you in dreams !
I slept beside her , taking care not to touch her but watching her and wanting to take her to the world of dreams ........

by Tonko Alexander

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