vineri, 22 martie 2013

An impossible love

          Today marks three years since I graduated from Starfleet Academy and we have not excelled in any field and in terms of human relationships was I was corijent distribution as: Supervision Barrier.
Barrier ..... the strangest natural phenomenon in the universe!
When Starfleet reached the barrier, following the stories of other civilizations already have the age of the universe . Scientific Department has spent years and years studying the energy field and found that perfectly isolates the universe's expansion . They installed a network of surveillance satellites, space stations and set up a division to handle the monitoring, repair and maintenance of this network .

Here we were assigned had no one because I was not sociable and I do not bother to being alone for extended periods. A patrol take months and was the most boring thing possible . Pilot a shuttle from one satellite to another, stopped long enough to make a check-board computer and download data from the satellite and go to the next. My presence was not absolutely necessary, I the role of make decisions .
My fun was to wear spacesuit and add extra oxygen tanks and arrived in space shuttle towed let myself .
I love to float one between the two universes, is perfectly transparent barrier could watch two worlds simultaneously ......

What nicer gift could make my fate when I was celebrating 3 years of service than sending me event: the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of a ship on the other side of the barrier. Move in the opposite direction than mine and if I had not been out, towed, I would have had no chance to glimpse .
On the sleeve remote I ordered several flares launch a parallel course with the ship spotted and ordered the return on and off. In turn, foreign ship turned and stopped and she slowly reached up to my right and went back to the top for me as a hold.
I looked at foreign ship and thought how I could communicate intensely for anything but light does not light breaks through the barrier ...... ...... monitor ..... That's it! I rushed in and pulled the shuttle's on-board computer monitor out of the shuttle and I installed it as I could close the barrier, we have a camera and a reflector.
I ordered rolling contact program that I use whenever fleet encountered a new civilization and I put on waiting ..... It did not take too long and someone came vessel, a human-looking creature, head , two hands, two legs, dressed in black space suit, armored, with a helmet that shows only two fascinating eyes.

He brought something like my monitor and installed in front of and after finishing approached me. Stood face to face, floating in space separated by barrier ..... I just stretched out his hand and touched barrier, had done many times, but now if I did the first time. Being on the other side and she stretched out her hand and put my palm slap ..... I felt a strong push. At that time he began to sound the alarm suit because I did not have oxygen, unfortunately I showed pointer and made a sign to ship. He nodded and was headed to her ship.
Shuttle arrived, I gave only helmet off and sat in the pilot seat turned on the camera mounted on the monitor and commanding display on monitor outside my image on a corner of the screen, it was not long and my screen in corner of her image appeared 

I was breathless, those big emerald eyes, black hair than space, shape lips, it was fascinating to her beauty
I sat and waited for the two computers to establish a common language so we can communicate, and this time only watched ......
Perhaps there will be a common language but I was never satisfied that had met my ideal of beauty and could not ask for more from fate, our reach without barrier could mean the end of everything is there for that beyond the barrier was antimatter. ......

by Tonko Alexander

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