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Movies and dreams

Today was a relaxed day, everyday problems solved quickly and we finished around noon. My colleagues, too, have done things and have made ​​every way. Left alone in the office, I thought I deserved awards for their efforts in last week and I said I could see a movie. Much wanted to see a horror movie which I had learned from reliable sources that it is good that idea and well done.
That said, looking movie specialized sites, I find it charged and get ready for viewing. I left the cup of coffee, cigarettes and ashtray right, give back in May wheelchair back, legs spread comfortably and turn on the movie .........
..... I read focused on unfolding screen overlay leaden sky full of clouds swirling above me when there is such a storm cloud of black, which is thrown over me a wonderful human being.
I landed in his arms and was surprised not to react, and feel as I sit down soon and we crossed under the chair seat, her hands, I cover the arms and cross them behind the back. It should be embraced as chair, gathered everything, just that I find myself between her and the chair. I could not move, could not breathe but I feel my entire body, every muscle, as I felt her breasts crushing chest stones. So I still got kissing, long, painful and passionate, all I could do was to put hands on hips and thighs down slightly with the encouragement.
Among rich auburn hair curls saw not only a fantastic blue eyes makes me want to plunge me forever in his depth.
When he felt that I am ready to lose my consciousness raised me softly, I almost screamed in pain, as if my skin had stuck to it and did not want to stay with me, every cell in my body was screaming for it. I watched as lost last drop of blood sample remaining on the lips
and I hardly spoke barely heard:
- I love you!
- It's just fascinating predator to prey, normally you can not love me, you're dizzy from lack of blood .....
- I saw in your eyes deep hunger for blood that pushes you but a wild lust to love and be loved!
I gently stroked her cheek, then leaned over and gently touched my lips with her ​​lips just for a split second. It was enough and so I feel my blood to gather lips and wants to go with it.
     - I'll remember your words! I'm afraid that once I can hug my
            bring the end!
     - I look forward to you, maybe so, will we be together forever and
      then you feel my love ........
She smiled and disappeared like smoke ..........

...........It was an evening not work in freezing weather, with the sky clear , it stars glistening . I was walking hurriedly , as usual but the distance that I had to be travelled and sunless street let me think of the girls that I was tormented by his soul .
There were many , many girls that I would have liked to know them, to talk to ‘em … ..always , the first that I thought I was in my mind it was the girl dreams , they were can be heard when muses become , II and III, and then the new … ..I would like to accompany me each of them in my roads to I have no time to tell them how much love I have for them , to describe what feelings when I include pictures or relate to them as much as I’m glad when I find out what have they done or happiness as the m-i warms my soul to each successful of them …..
A ripple of ice has brought me to reality but being winter and frost I thought it was only a gust of wind, till I heard behind me a flapping of wings and heavy I felt table of contents from the rear, over her arms, by a vise farm and picked up ..
In the thought appeared to me immediately the image of that fellow emphasising that overwhelmed with the body and has been feeding me so that I have been quiet on bottom as streets are to be reduced poised just bright lines … ..I looked up and I saw that we’re flying toward the moon why first .

I don’t know as much as I’ve flown, at any given time I entered in the clouds, and surrounded entirely by their wheat we lost any point of reference or sense of direction and so I, after much time, when it was brought him to a better spirit all around us we saw only a huge forest that stretched horizon . I did go down through the branches trees and he let me on a road that snaked through gigantic stems . I turned to look at but it was gone already, so I took a closer look around me. It was a dim light, green in color because of thick foliage, the temperature was nice, as in the summer mornings. I was standing on a narrow road ofsparking from which he could not see too much because of trees.
I have made it to the side of the road, there was grass and I leaned forward to touch the wires green , loaded with the dew …
-Don’t break your no wires even ! I heard his voice a whisper .
-Why? I reply, and I got up.
I went back to the place the source of the voice and I was left so enchanted by its beauty.
-Who are you ?
- ….. whom you said : …. “We have seen deep in your eyes that the hunger for blood pushes you but a    relish wild to love and of being loved !"
-But don’t recognize!
Got close to me and I let him concerning him. I felt the fascination that gushed from deep within her looks. We made a step, and I took her in his arms . I don’t know how long I remained like that… .he felt his body updangling at each comfort of my own . Our lips have joined in a long kiss ….
What was strange was that I felt how i miserable grave, my blood is not riding toward it but followed his path he might have his usual of more speed .
-How “you’ve changed so much?
-It is a story long ! Begins long before your appearance! We are a race who has managed to handle various  forms of energy, and to change material at your leisure. But to do this they would need more and more a lot  of energy. When they don’t have energy body began to take from any was alive, in the end I was left very  few and more and stronger .
She took me by the arm and glued to me I began to move inward by on the road .
-That any world , we have our regulations , I’ve violated and I had to escape, to go into hiding to keep me  company.destroyed !
-Where are we?
-This is them both lay forgotten ! We’re now on the way lost memories ! It is another world, with another    energy level .
-And you think that doesn’t find you?
-I cannot came on this disjointed rhythm , have prohibition from the most ancient times, has turned into that  were known to !
 Is yours , the people on here are passing souls on the road to his understanding and suppressed lose their  memories, each of grass or tree is a memory of someone that has been here. At the end of the way his soul  is empty, the forgotten and thus may appear to sue , ignorant . They see your entire life, his thinking, gives  the verdict without knowing that it was him , the deeds of .
-But I don’t feel dead ! I pulse , I don’t know who I am … .. “You needed me to allure here ….
-Don’t ! It! May enter the world I want , here I don’t know what will happen to me if I stay longer, maybe  forget and i …..
 For those I took you, your words have touched something in me , were uttered from your heart, I felt that  you were ready to let go everything to me …..
-Even now he doesn’t retract my words ! I’m glad to be together for a new start
 but I have to rest least , I don’t know when I have sitting .
-We cannot sit here on the grass?
I’ve been waiting for confirmation, and I took off my coat, I reached out to grass and I helped her to sit down. I seated myself and I’m so as to rest on me.
-Continue to talk about ! Tell me about you …
but already I was no longer listening to words, I was listening her voice that I was doing my soul to tremble with joy, slowly, her eyes m-i would have been closed, and I have gone to the world asleep........

 .........Woke me up a noise persistently , dazed sleep , without thinking., out of his pocket an object and press in a place the sound stops. Already awake concern the object full of signs and lights, and I don’t reflect what it is, put it back in his pocket with the thought to examine at leisure later and I am curious to what he’s sleeping with his head on my chest.
Don’t see nothing but white hair-bright and a part of his chest to skip a beat with each breath. Keeps me tightly by the arm and is bonded to me throughout the length of the body.
He reach easy hair and kiss her on the top, it starts to become active and to mutter something , I continue to reach their long hair on the silver scattered on my chest ….
Suddenly , salt beside me and I’ll look scared

-Who are you? Where are we?
-I don’t know ! He respond calmly, but we’re friends since I was sleeping together. To find out as soon as    possible !
Take your bag as I had used as a pillow and a open . It is full of sheets of paper and odd things as yet don’t say anything. I empty the content on grass and beginning to we are looking for. Look at it with out of the corner of his eye, it is more relaxed and have calmed down, looking for the cluttered table and with a smile at me triumphantly shows a sheet
-Your image !
Take the sheet of paper and a concern , marks on it will begin to form heads and understand in my mind, is accumulated in words, and slowly, slowly i can read, it is a document of identity that tells you how I am and where I live. Look at it sobbing his eyes over the sheets and recognize other acts, and then I jumps into her eyes for a paper written by hand, read this and found that it is a story in which I talk about a girl of his dreams …
It is clear to me now , I remembered who I am and how did we get here. Stretch your hand and touch his cheek …
-Let me tell you a little story !
-There is no more need ! I remembered !
I caught her hand and holds it with her fingers long and delicate . I see in front of her scattered far into that shallow the sheets into the beginning of a constructive concern other stories and on which he was, and photograph them.
-It seems to me that and it’s me this affecting disjointed rhythm ! I don’t have never sleeping !
-Someone , known among people it said, … ” The sleep means every one of you will die a little bit ” …..
I have grasped it back into his bag and we went farther on the way lost memories
I was giving us I cherished hand. And I was walking and talking story . Then I began to be we behave like two children , chase, we laughed without reason and every once in unrecoverable us it for us here he kisses . After a while kisses became more and more full of wildness and longer than that I have not been taken into account more than anything and I did love there, on the side of the road . Trembling with emotion we investigate the bodies with long seek comfort, our lips were looking for and present state for a long time ……. be bothered stopping, I fell asleep again.
When I woke up, was sitting beside me and he was doing something , he was so concentrated so i m noted . I have cemented my lips behind her empty body and I felt howand a shiver. Turned to me and said:
-It was the first time when I did make love ! As though the people we’re husband and wife . I’ve made a  ring !
It took me a hand and told me to put on the finger a ring made of a wire threads , it had been shaken off of clothes and perhaps he strained long enough to give it form.
I searched in her bag and I found a clip to catch papers, we have directed wire and then I made a a ring . I took his hand and I put ring on the finger by speaking:
-With this ring I will take the wife and I swear that I love you forever !
We kissed again, and I running for more far on the road of memories lost. It was indeed a disjointed rhythm it was odd, I didn’t need to eat, do not I felt thirsty , all the time it was light but we bedtime it was only to make we have no reason to make love to wake up and let us know again and again we in loved .
For the rest i was walking on the road, and I was talking about, I’m saying stories , it was trying to teach me about how the shapes energy and it turns into anything you want.
I didn’t know how much time has passedand not are we interested in but perhaps him too much and interfered with any balance each other through our presence in a world with a different energy level, it’s what we have found…..
Of a sudden it was dark and went into a very powerful wind that tore at the trees. Scared, We whole heartedly and we tried to get under cover. I had no nothing , only I could feel how they are doing two hands large and powerful that they have had been torn from her arms and I was obliged to sit down. A I’d see her like is struggling and tries to escape. She screamed something and everything was quiet. I felt only dawned upon pressing on her shoulders and I was able to hear it.:
-Let me to give him a last kiss and then I’ll go with you !
Got close to me , it was hunched over in front of me, and took the ring on his finger and m-i to put in your palm after which I closed tightly around palm ring and and stuck my fist with the heart. I kissed pressed, and long-term and biting them lightly and then spoken entirely out, just for me:
-I put my soul into our rings, that he would not disappear, you can bring back !
No I haven’t had a chance to tell you any more because it was suddenly dark and I got back to sreet , a little further away from the place where from where I had taken it.
I ran toward the house and when I got it and I’ve looked at a clock , I’s half an hour late .
I put on phone calls made to charged and I’ve been sitting rings to corner of the table

thought how to carrying them as close as possible to the heart …….. I was not only sad , I lived a piece of time the great happiness , a love tilted fully and perfect , waiting for you to calm down so that I can start looking for a way to bring it back .
After a while I went back to phones, and I started to restore settings to day , so I didn’t come across the only photograph of her I haven’t had a chance to do it :

and only then began to cry………

...........Burned by miss , dreaming night moments of love, moments when we laughed , edging us out of his hand, on the way lost memories, moments of tenderness, when no reason she mingiiam hair .... all this and many other memories I didn't let morning the pillow wet with tears
Whole days I tried to remember that what I was saying but then I was too in love with that'll be careful what I learn.
However, in as much as I remember, I realized that my girlfriend could not be destroyed but only I'm stalled somewhere in a place with minimal energy or even with negative energy. So I started searches ....
First I have taken place, quest for libraries and archives, reading, and then I've been looking for people of expertise and I have had discussions with them that lasted until dawn of the day and when they were finished i continued with the others who there was only occult arts .
After months and months of i was already a specialist in search for missing persons only, so I have been asking me to broad sweeps on the field. I had enrolled in a research very dangerous , they had to go in a dark place, directly linked to the what we call hell.
My only help were our rings in which she had transferred his soul .I have built a pendulum with their help and suspended above a too many reaps, too many i looked direction .
I leave  uncertain as to what I going to . May all roads ended in old cemeteries or in former fields of battle of the many battles fought along the time around town
There were places where people had died and they had left with the impression out there , with anger, thoughts of revenge, all sorts of desires that you do not which his memory balked and the moment of death regretau bitter . I don't even know what to look for , object , grave times being . It seems that a flickered all the time.
I'm going in a off days, the pendulum told me of a graveyard old , there are for hundreds of years, I knew long before because I had done a walk on there , was a former city what found sanctuary at the end of it a and over time 
 that it is a sacred place he had burrowed like moles of death around . Beside the wall city we have identified a grave slats as the pendulum you indicate persistently
Now I didn't know we have to do so I waited to be night and darkness to take sense places . With much effort , harassing me to raise my grave stone we found below it the most wonderful picture .
Immediately I felt connected with the girl shown in the drawing, even if not like , I knew it to be it. They were between us connections over barriers of matter, time and space .
I've been sitting carefully on the flagstones stone panel and I began the ceremony of return . First I cut his veins in his right hand and with the blood oozing i have drawn a circle of protection around me and instrument panel.
After I'd finished the spoken  I cut his veins and the left hand leaving blood that come straight from the heart to flow over panel .
That way I could have a two-dimensional freed from the world where it had been closed, with a sacrifice of blood , Elixir of Life, energy from a heart full of love.
 Looking at how the two nests of blood flow in the table, its spidering as though there was no longer , even if I had just begun to dizzy all I noticed that the mural began to head deep and I could swear his face as though he had moved.
Exhausted, they haven't had your legs and I have fallen to his knees but still I was careful to keep his hands held out, as his blood oozing to fall all over painting.
Even before I fall , two hands white and delicate they are out of the frame had become empty and m-have supported check using me to lie down bottom.
For a few moments I have lost the attention and when I returned he was beside me endeavoring to me stop my blood . Curious was that it could not do anything like that, her skin it drank each drop .
All around us could hear screams and noise of the storm, there were panel guards which could not penetrate into the circle drawn in blood . He pushed his foot out of the circle empty frame and it has attracted in it the people who captured a loosened their grip and everything was quiet like magic .
I was just the two of us just by looking at us and taking us out of his hand. I could see her eyes full of tears and I wanted to endearment wet cheek but I've got, it was as though I'm lost once the last drops of blood.
When I woke up i was lying in grass on the side of the road Lost Memories
I'm not sorry that I had done it seemed supreme sacrifice creature what I loved. . I was even glad that I was able to play liberatrea . I got up and running happily on the road hope that maybe he will come that we can be together again .........

.........I was again on Land Oblivion but now everything had been different for me, I died and came my turn to travel way Lost Memories.
But it was that that didn't want to lose my , memories, what I felt and I lived next to my love . I didn't know that you don't need to sleep so I did. I turned decided to travel path and to fight sleep .
I was accustomed to go , and the landscape was identical , road was smooth, prompt me to relearn , progressing and I recalled that every smile, every glance, every kiss, rais what I gave them one another .....
We continue to go , and concentrated at beautiful memories because I was starting to feel an unnatural fatigue, and a need to lie down to sleep . I stopped a moment, I looked around at the trees although their foliage as giant light filtered croaked a greenish and equal .
All this monotony more conducive to sleep. I haven't been fooled and I have made a far from imagining this time what kind of life I have lived if we manage to enlist together , what worlds we have visited, what places I have not seen it ......
It's a pity, we couldn't have could not establish somewhere, it was searched for and this fact will prevent us to meet common dream, to have a hut on the beach in which we can wake up in the morning sound of surf .....
I don't know how much we went twice as long as time has passed since I was here in this case, it didn't matter, but I had to me to stop, let go, the forest, it was over that severed a knife giant , at my feet was beginning the universe .....
I've looked at a time then I went back and I started again on the way lost memories, will probably not be able to leave them both lay forgotten loaded with memories, feelings and dreams. We had a reason why I wanted to stay here, I knew it to be a place in which he could come , we see you again and to have a little time together.
I'm not scare away the thought that maybe here I remain, trapped for the rest 'til , I had what to think., I had beautiful moments to remember , lives of imaginary dreamed of life .
If I had done 10 steps when in front of me there was a tornado, the roar was disturbing her peace of mind and shake vigorously for huge branches of the trees. I didn't know the last time that's the way it appeared the people in her own world and I have waited curious . Indeed there was someone in her own world, even though she , threatening , there was none of the readers. Now it was again the Dark Queen
Came quickly, directly at me, and it has stopped with the sword high , ready to hit. It has stopped still and we looked at least . I understand that she had to prove that what she loved killing power. Don't move at all, it looked as though they focus on the coup but I felt that it isn't.  I could see how her fingers's troubling his sword, I'd see how her eyes full of tears ...
So that I can help you , I gave to his knees in front of her, "I pulled in her shoulders by lengthening the neck as much , I smiled encouragingly and while I was expecting one blow I looked greedily what he wants to take her with me as much of her image.
As waiting for spiralled, as to make it not that he hesitated , has made a step toward me and has changed position sword as though he wanted to see me
I could see clearly now the tears running down his cheeks squeamish youths as cannot , fingers tensed her fingers clenching and unclenching fine sword handle and the tip was trembling from a short distance of my chest. Once more I looked at him for a few seconds, looked at how her lips there were mutterings something but not hear them nothing ......
To be brief ordeal and remove remorse i have killed him and I went with his sacrifice fully .
I suddenly  taking a step  before . He has not had the time to realize what has happened. Sword i pierced my chest and then my heart incredibly easy , I felt nothing, no pain, or been depressed . I didn't know if that blood flow was not because I take his eyes off her. As I was already dead, the one that was probably was destruction of my soul and I was going to take forever, if it could be her image ….......

...........I felt as I recede , I'd see her image of less than , till it has become a point . Then the point has become light and has turned into a star, not I have been able to differ from the billions of stars of the space .
We will all slip into my thoughts through space but still she was , hope to disappear soon pain or even my memory. I've twisted my flow and I've been looking at how the stars coming at me. In a way I was glad that even a desire since childhood to : traveling among the stars ….
Somewhere, far from , I had a peep at a point of light what came toward me. Very quickly he transformed himself into a handful of fire
 In fact he was not at me but I coming toward her. She's trapped me easily and has gathered holdout position around me .
I was very comfortable surrounded by flame , as well as nice a little heat and it was as though I was protected, slowly, a feeling of peace began to get around by men't steady enough for my peace got sneaked up on .after a moment I had jumped scared to that I did not have to sleep so he wouldn't lose my memories and I opened her eyes, I was still supported by the hand of fire , not on the way your memories lost so overcome by accumulated fatigue i have let the sleep ......
I don't know how long I slept, nor what he did the hand with me but when I became conscious again I was like a steam drifting through space. I was with completely different and it took some time for me to teach her some manners with the new senses . It took until I got used to the sound of the universe, with the music each star and how to i move .
So then, I started to look for , to search for our own galaxy
 Solar System, planet Earth ......
Forgotten land could not be away from the planet where I was born and he's still walking about me around her and I told him that he was in a different energy level.
I have looked at differently and indeed I have seen in the vicinity; in fact, as we suspected, almost stuck on it.
Glad to discover mistakes can be made quickly in search of road memories lost . I found it slightly to that the forest was no longer green, all over the place he had been in winter , huge branches were empty but the snow was everywhere.
We fly over the top of road when I spotted a black dot what is turning into a figure as I got nearer.
He was in the place where I died as a soul, he had made a fence and was standing on that place but keep a rose red to the chest.
 Now I was a steam, a breath of wind, so I was turned around her, tugging at her face , I played with her hair and then I blown over pink shades petals which he held and in the end I was turned on the place where I sacrificed for her, and we've formed a small tornado what cleaned roses withered as he daily deposit .
I went back to her, and once again I touched his face, I played with her hair, before he turned his head and smiled. He knew that I am because in the land of forgotten does not blow the wind ..........

by Tonko Alexandru

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