marți, 16 aprilie 2013

Fragrance of cherry blossoms

Very hard to come spring this year, I was busy with many issues that decide on my future professional, so I woke up just last night when I was struck by the smell of the trees in bloom

Today, we visited eight customers in 2 hours, tired, I sat on a bench under a cherry blossom. I caressed flowers

I made ​​some pictures with my phone

and began to look at pictures ......

........... both sitting on a bench in the middle of a clump of cherry blossoms and I squinted at you, thinking of how a girl so beautiful

agreed to meet with me
We talked before, just send me pictures and I comment. In fact, in a review I even promised to do a story with these pictures.
We walked through the park alleyways we walk arm in arm, regarding flowers and talk platitudes. Through our trying to find common points, points from which to begin to weave a bridge of communication between us.
In a later, tired of walking so much, I bought a big bag of peanuts and we sat on a bench in the middle of a clump of cherry blossoms.
Munching peanuts and talking about movies, music and occasionally a story and something about real life.
A breath of wind brought us the fragrance of cherry blossoms enhanced by warm sunshine and shook over us pale pink petals. I stopped talking and looked at a picture that will remain forever glued to my heart.

He let his head to one side and breathe perfume like spellbound
I held my hand to collect the petals of platinum hair but we could not gesture to the end. He opened his eyes and gray fascinating look through me and stopped somewhere far away, like in other realms ..........
………phone was the one who woke me up with the sound of angry, closed gallery with pictures and I sighed. Slept just three minutes but dreamed one of the most delicate and romantic encounters.
I stood in the road to the next customer did this dream hiding place from the depths of the heart where I keep most secret desires.

By Tonko Alexander

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