sâmbătă, 8 iunie 2013

Ancestral memory

It’s night, but I am up and looked out the blocks with dark windows, I’m sure that watching a world abandoned to sleep. I sigh and go back to the table, looking down photos scattered on the shiny surface :

Around the table, I sit in the chair, I lit a cigarette and looked again through the cloud of smoke the pictures. Again sigh and wonder: How did this girl sticking my soul?
I have questions but I’m afraid to answer me …….Girls with blue eyes have seen hundreds, I spoke with dozens, none struck me …..

Only the “girl of my dreams” can compete with it …. pull the cigarette and looked up her picture . I realize the difference: Girl dreams is cold, distant ………..
And this girl alive, is alive, convey warmth and kindness with her blue eyes, she built one of the pictures and look for extended periods 
 Then I stick the picture to heart, close my eyes and feel what I‘m looking transmit picture ….. do not feel than blue eyes!

How does this look that fascinates me? Since childhood it? I concentrate and get back in time, I look at my childhood and find nothing.

Come from a previous life?

Press harder on chest the picture as I’d like to stick to heart …… and come back and more time passes by me ……I see crinoline , girls in homespun dresses. Every eyes .. they look and not found what I’m looking .

Lower and longer time scale, now I see girls dressed in toga … I force myself to look and deeper into my previous lives …. girls dressed in animal skins …..

Then my primitive existence that produce a flash and I see a bright light . A huge rock floating down a short distance from me, I approach and touch the stone that would need to but it’s something shiny and soft to the touch …. I would look like water ….

From that rock out a girl

I realize that does not belong to my nation, I see curious and her blue eyes penetrate my head and understand what he says and what he wants: to accompany a few days on its way to a place…… I can not see nothing but the blue eyes that gets inside me  ……
Only now I understand!! With the mind of today realize that it was a being coming from the stars!

This girl that attracts me have her eyes !

For this reason I always want when I see eyes to tell:
- Welcome back my Goddess!

by Tonko Alexander

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