miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

The mermaid ( Blog for a competition )

I’ve always considered underwater world as a universe alien though our place of birth, humanity and would need to be familiar to me but maybe it’s just my feeling that comes from too many science fiction movies seen.
I like the evening sea, watch sitting on sand still hot as the sun falls into the water, as the sky gets hundreds of colors and starting to show the first stars
The image of a starry sky I’m more familiar than the underwater world that I see during the day. Easier if the mind can travel into the depths of the universe than the physical world on the sea bed ……..

………As I sat last night , sitting on the hot sand, which i scattered through my fingers , lurking on the horizon of the early stars. I noticed when ten paces away a human form lying exactly on shore, so that I could see only the head and shoulders, the rest being covered by waves always.
I got up closer to him and I did not believe it to see .
A girl was lying unconscious near the shore, the waves covered his legs and part of the back were full of blonde hair , very long blonde hair .
I touched her neck to look for pulse but was not needed, he set his face to me and opened his eyes, the biggest blue eyes saw by me .
We looked at a few moments, then quickly turned around and disappeared into the sea helped by a retreating wave .
I looked with  eyes , petrified by the surprise of seeing a mythical creature. I did not feel able to go swimming with her and I knew that she wanted my soul .
After a few minutes he reappeared on the shore, far enough to be safe but close enough to see the beauty of the face and golden-blond hair around her .We watched from a distance without having to move, until darkness fell and I could not see it .
I knew it was there, I felt look and prove to them I did not left I lit a cigarette.
Immediately came the answer, a crystalline voice, sending the agreements that no greatest soprano could not take.
I sat and listened, smoking cigarette after cigarette until it was never heard singing. On the horizon appears a beam of light.
At sunset I returned in exactly the same place, I watched the water surface was dark and then up and lit my cigarette after cigarette until morning but never appeared and nor does have I heard anything but the sound of waves .
How much I left on vacation I spent in that place watching the water and smoking all night . I regret I did not went into the water to carry my soul to an eternity perhaps spent together ……

by Tonko Alexander

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